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Update on Shirley Huntley Hughes

On August 29th, Shirley received her first blood transfusion in her battle with stage-four cancer.  This was the first time in her life she has had a transfusion.  She received 2 pints.  It brought her hemoglobin up from 6.4 to 9.5, and she was cleared to travel to our meeting in Durham, NC.  

With added strength from the transfusion, Shirley was able to attend services on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday morning.  However, she was unable to attend Sunday evening's services.   

Her hemoglobin has dropped to 8.4, as shown by the blood work from earlier this afternoon.  She was hoping to be able to do without a second transfusion, and her oncologist agreed to let the decision be made in the morning after seeing how she would do this evening.  Unfortunately, she has been experiencing some blood loss around her colostomy since leaving the cancer institute, which (praise the Lord!) has stopped.  So, we will hear in the morning from the Cancer Institute as to where and when the transfusion will take place tomorrow.

Shirley has that wonderful peace the Lord gives, and it is a blessing to my soul.  She has started her fourth year of treatment since they found the cancer in June of 2015, and she has outlived the statistical predictions of 18 months to two years.  We have you and the Lord to thank.  You, for your prayers; God, for his grace.  He has kept his promises; and he will continue to do so.  

Whatever happens regarding Shirley and her cancer, God has a glorified body for her one day, a body that will never be touched by cancer.  And, this glorified body is not just for her.  No,  it is for all who will place their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  The blood that he shed on Calvary has paid for our sin debt.  His resurrection from the dead has guaranteed our resurrection unto life and an inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in him (Acts 26:18).

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