Lead article: Wishing You a MERRY CHRISTMAS! with a review of Isaiah’s two great prophecies - Isaiah 7:14 & 48:16. Plus our December schedule, a memory of Shirley and reminder to order the free Daily Bible Reading Schedule, 2019

November NEWSLETTER 2018

Lead article: On the Death of the Saints with the admonition from Ezekiel, who asked, “For why will ye die?” Plus an update on Shirley’s condition and her fall on October 29th.

March Newsletter 2019

The Lead article, “For the Joy that was set before Him,” reminds us of our Lord’s motivation. His desire is to please the Father first and foremost, to fulfill the promises made to Adam and to Eve, to call out a bride by the gospel and his Spirit as Abraham’s servant called out a bride for Isaac, and to restore the natural olive branch, which pictures Israel.