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2019 Daily Bible Reading Schedules are available NOW!

Each year our ministry prints a Daily Bible Reading Schedule to encourage as many people as possible to read through the Bible. The 2019 Daily Bible Reading Schedule is now in print. We have limited copies. You can receive your copy free of charge by e-mailing me through the website and giving us your address or your church’s address. (We will send it “in care of” if you use your church’s address.) You can request multiple copies for your Church, Sunday School class or family and friends.

The Schedule is a thin, 5.5 X 8.5 (the size of half a sheet of paper) calendar, with boxes to check off each day’s reading to help you keep tract. You follow the pattern of reading 3 chapters in the Old Testament and 1 chapter in the New Testament each day. You will complete the New Testament in September, and finish the Old Testament in November.

My daughter reminded me that the day of my wife’s funeral, November 6th, was also the day that the 2018 Bible Reading Schedule ended for the year. She said that she had finished her Mother’s personal copy of the schedule, since Shirley was unable to read the last week or so of her life. Shirley took her last breath here and her first breath in glory on November 2nd!

Request your copy today!